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Bokeh colorbars #861

merged 21 commits into from Sep 14, 2016
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Just for now

Added client side colormapping for PolygonPlot

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Philipp Rudiger Philipp Rudiger
Philipp Rudiger authored and Philipp Rudiger committed Sep 13, 2016
commit 883e185dc5da1c1cca21d374862a0d3afd5f7e27
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@

from ...core import util
from ..util import map_colors
from .element import ElementPlot, line_properties, fill_properties
from .element import ElementPlot, ColorbarPlot, line_properties, fill_properties
from .util import get_cmap, rgb2hex

@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ def get_batched_data(self, element, ranges=None, empty=False):
return data, elmapping

class PolygonPlot(PathPlot):
class PolygonPlot(ColorbarPlot, PathPlot):

style_opts = ['color', 'cmap', 'palette'] + line_properties + fill_properties
_plot_methods = dict(single='patches', batched='patches')
@@ -74,15 +74,17 @@ def get_data(self, element, ranges=None, empty=False):
data = dict(xs=ys, ys=xs) if self.invert_axes else dict(xs=xs, ys=ys)

style =[self.cyclic_index]
cmap = style.get('palette', style.get('cmap', None))
mapping = dict(self._mapping)
if cmap and element.level is not None:
cmap = get_cmap(cmap)
colors = map_colors(np.array([element.level]), ranges[element.vdims[0].name], cmap)
mapping['color'] = 'color'
data['color'] = [] if empty else list(colors)*len(
dim_name = util.dimension_sanitizer(element.vdims[0].name)

if element.vdims and element.level is not None:
cdim = element.vdims[0]
mapper = self._get_colormapper(cdim, element, ranges, style)
data[] = [] if empty else element.dimension_values(2)
mapping['fill_color'] = {'field':,
'transform': mapper}

if 'hover' in
dim_name = util.dimension_sanitizer(element.vdims[0].name)
for k, v in self.overlay_dims.items():
dim = util.dimension_sanitizer(
data[dim] = [v for _ in range(len(xs))]
@@ -99,7 +101,7 @@ def get_batched_data(self, element, ranges=None, empty=False):
eldata, elmapping = self.get_data(el, ranges, empty)
for k, eld in eldata.items():
if 'color' not in eldata:
if 'color' not in elmapping:
zorder = self.get_zorder(element, key, el)
val = style[zorder].get('color')
elmapping['color'] = 'color'
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