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@jbednar jbednar released this Apr 8, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release

Full release with new functionality and some fixes. New features:

  • Added support for instance parameters, allowing parameter metadata to be modified per instance and allowing parameter objects to be passed to Panel objects (#306)
  • Added label slot to Parameter, to allow overriding attribute name for display (#319)
  • Added step slot to Parameter, e.g. to control Panel widget step size (#326)
  • Added keywords_to_params utility for deducing Parameter types and ranges automatically (#317)
  • Added support for multiple outputs from a Parameterized (#312)
  • Added Selector as a more user-friendly version of ObjectSelector, accepting a list of options as a positional argument (#316)

Changes affecting backwards compatibility:

  • Changed from root logger to a param-specific logger; no change to API but will change format of error and warning messages (#330)
  • Old abstract class Selector renamed to SelectorBase; should be no change unless user code added custom classes inherited from Selector without providing a constructor (#316)

Bugfixes and other improvements:

For more details, you can see a full list of changes since the previous release.

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