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Python tools for data visualization

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Website gh-pages site

Source material to build This site is owned by NumFocus and is currently managed by Anaconda, Inc. for the community, but is open to everyone involved in Python data visualization; see #2.


Whenever a PR is merged, or a commit is pushed to master, a Travis CI job is triggered that builds Visit Travis CI to check on the progress of the job.

Building dev site

To build the dev site, just push a commit containing the string: website_dev. This will start a job on Travis CI that when complete will deploy to the dev site.

NOTE: This will work on any branch, so it is recommended that you use it to test builds on PRs, just try not to trample on other people's toes.

Building website locally

Set up and activate development environment:

conda env update --file environment.yml --name pyviz
conda activate pyviz

Build the website using the custom doit (similar to make) command.

doit build_website

NOTE: To skip badges caching, set the --nocache flag.

View the website locally

python -m http.server 8000

Adding a tool to the "All Tools" page

See the README in the tools directory for instructions on adding a tool to the "All Tools" page.

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