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  • win32_hooks module is well tested and more reliable now. See detailed example.
  • Fixed several bugs and crashes here and there.
    • Crash when ctrl.window_text() becomes None at the right moment. Thanks @mborus!
    • HwndWrapper.set_focus() fails when used via interpreter. Thanks @mtkennerly!
    • Fix LoadLibrary call error on just released Python 2.7.13. Thanks @KirillMoizik!
    • AttributeError: WindowSpecification class has no 'CPUUsage' method.
    • comtypes prints a lot of warnings at import pywinauto.
    • Methods is_dialog() and restore() are missed for UIA backend.
    • Method print_control_identifiers() crashes on some applications with Unicode symbols.
    • Installation by python install may fail if pyWin32 dependency was installed manually.
    • Bug in resolving attributes: 'UIAWrapper' object has no attribute 'Menu' for dlg = app.Custom.Menu.
    • Method send_chars() can now send {ENTER} to some applications. Thanks @batterseapower!
  • Searching UI elements is faster now especially if you use control_type or auto_id in
    a WindowSpecification. Method Application.kill() is also optimized in many cases.
  • Added an example for Win10 Calculator.

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