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pywren examples

This is a repository of pywren examples, showing how to run various example code and generate many of the plots used in blog posts. Most examples have an explanation in a, a script to run, and often a Jupyter notebook for interactively examining results.

Note that these examples, in addition to requiring the latest pywren, often require additional packages like Jupyter/iPython, Matplotlib, Seaborn, and the Ruffus pipeline manager.

All pywren examples can be found in our examples github repository most often as Jupyter/IPython notebooks

Hello World

Hello world is a simple example to get you up and running with pywren.

TFLOPS on microservices

An example of how to achieve over 40 TFLOPS of numerical performance using pure-Python code running on thousands of simultaneous cores. This example is based on our original blog post and our recent paper. [[code]]flops_benchmark)

GB/s from S3

We can achieve up to 80 GB/sec read and 60 GB/sec write performance to S3 in this benchmark example, based on our original blog post. We have notebooks that show how to benchmark and then how to measure scaling. [code].

Measuring Lambda's recycling

[coming soon]

Running a parameter server

[coming soon]

Large-scale reduction

[coming soon]

Robust Kalman Filtering

[coming soon]

Inverse problems with sweep

[coming soon]


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