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[Issue#108] Refactor Storage API #119

merged 22 commits into from Jul 2, 2017

Address comments.

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ooq committed Apr 17, 2017
commit 4e61199169a6be7926c37cc05a7fab41345495ec
@@ -5,11 +5,9 @@
import as storage
import pywren.wrenconfig as wrenconfig
# FIXME separate runtime code with S3
def get_runtime_info(runtime_config, storage_handler = None):
Download runtime information from S3 at deserialize
Download runtime information from storage at deserialize
if storage_handler is None:
storage_config = wrenconfig.extract_storage_config(wrenconfig.default())
@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ def put_object(self, key, data):
Put an object in S3.
:param key: key of the object.
:param data: data of the object
:type data: str/bytes
:return: None
self.s3client.put_object(Bucket=self.s3_bucket, Key=key, Body=data)
@@ -36,6 +37,7 @@ def get_object(self, key):
Get object from S3 with a key.
:param key: key of the object
:return: Data of the object

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shivaram Apr 17, 2017


Can we specify the type of the return object ? i.e. is it a byte array or an iterator etc ?

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ooq Apr 17, 2017



:rtype: str/bytes
r = self.s3client.get_object(Bucket = self.s3_bucket, Key = key)
data = r['Body'].read()
@@ -67,43 +67,6 @@ def remote_executor(config=None, job_max_runtime=3600):
standalone_executor = remote_executor
def save_futures_to_string(futures):
Saving a list of futures to string.
:param futures: A list of futures to save.
:return: A serialized string.
return pickle.dumps(list(futures))
def load_futures_from_string(fut_str):
Load futures from a string.
:param fut_str: A string.
:return: A list of futures.
return list(pickle.loads(fut_str))
def save_futures(futures, filename):
Save a list of futures into a file.
:param futures: A list of futures
:param filename: file name
:return: None
pickle.dump(list(futures), open(filename, "wb"))
def load_futures(filename):
Load futures from file
:param filename: file name to load from
:return: A list of futures
return list(pickle.load(open(filename, "rb")))
def get_all_results(fs):
Take in a list of futures and block until they are repeated,
@@ -212,8 +212,8 @@ def plus_one(x):
x = np.arange(N)
futures_original =, x)
futures_str = pywren.save_futures_to_string(futures_original)
futures = pywren.load_futures_from_string(futures_str)
futures_str = pickle.dumps(futures_original)
futures = pickle.loads(futures_str)
result_count = 0
while result_count < N:
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