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My Anki Decks of Flashcards

Decks of Anki flashcards shared publicly from my side.

The cards have been created to apply active learning and spaced repetition techniques offered through Anki to comprehend various topics.

I've explained my way of using flashcards thoroughly in this blog post, where I also listed all the cards and plugins that I'm currently using.

Cards shared on AnkiWeb repository

List of my cards available on the official AnkiWeb repository:


  1. Create your AnkiWeb account.
  2. Download Anki desktop application (Windows/Mac/Linux).
  3. Log in to your AnkiWeb account inside the desktop application and import the flashcards.
  4. Start learning!
    • Optionally, download Anki mobile application (Android or iOS) and learn on the go. Don't forget to log in to your AnkiWeb account inside the application and sync your repository.


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