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PzdcDoc documentation generator

Table of Contents

Based on AsciidoctorJ, Java binding of the excellent software documentation framework Asciidoctor. Additionally to the information below you may have a look on the Presentation


Initially this tool was developed for the BGERP, project of Open Source ERP/CRM system. It was successfully used there as one system with GIT stored sources for support of:

  • product documentation;

  • samples and articles;

  • database structure

The single tool has replaced Confluence + MediaWiki + self-written DB structure describing utility in a more convenient way. Ideally fits for continuous delivery approach, when documentation is considered as essential part of product and written, stored, handled together with other sources. Documentation is automatically built using GitLab CI and published, you may see the result here.

The key features:

  • Delivered as a single artifact in Maven repository for simple integration in existing build processes.

  • Building documentation out of many files structure with common ToC.

  • Handling of dependent resources (images, files).

  • Original approach for organization of files structure.

  • Internal references checking, no more broken links.

  • Extension for referencing of JavaDoc by class name.

  • Some CSS adjustments.

  • Preview of documentation is available in GitLab and GitHub.


The demo set shows the key ideas using examples and may be used as a reference or a start set.

Clone the repository, after execute in the directory:

gradlew buildDemoDoc

That will build result to target/doc.

Use "demo build" configuration from build.gradle as a sample for your own project.

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