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Glynn offers you a bin to easily send a jekyll powered blog to your host through FTP.


Glynn comes as a gem. It has no dependencies other than the ruby default libraries. Install it with gem install.

gem install glynn --source

That's it ! You now have the Glynn executable on your machine. Go to your jekyll project, configure the host and distant directory where the files will be sent. For example, this is my _config.yml file :

markdown: rdiscount
pygments: true
auto: true
ftp_dir: /web/portfolio
ftp_disable_passive: false

Glynn will connect itself to the host "" and send every file to the FTP directory /web/portfolio. To do yo, you just need to be at the top of your jekyll project. And in a console, enter the following :


Quite simple again. It'll connect to the remote host, ask you for login and password and send the files :)

Passive Mode

By default, passive mode will be enabled, but if you do need to switch off the passive mode, simple add following configuration into jekyll _config.yml file:

ftp_disable_passive: true


If you think Glynn is great but can be improved, feel free to contribute. To do so, you can :

  • Fork the project
  • Do your changes and commit them to your repository
  • Test your changes. We won't accept any untested contributions (except if they're not testable).
  • Create an issue with a link to your commits.

And that's it! I'll soon take a look at your issue and review your changes.


Damien MATHIEU :: 42 (AT|CHEZ)

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