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R package postr: created posters with R markdown.

This package is modified from kuleuven-template, where you can see the requirements before using this package. Here I picked out the instruction for Windows users as follows.

Afterwards, add the Python directory to the system PATH variable.

Quick start

Run the following codes, and you will get some files (e.g. poster.Rmd) and folders in your working directory.

getwd() # this is your working directory. run setwd() to change it.

Now open poster.Rmd in RStudio, and press ctrl+shift+k to compile it. You will get a file named poster.pdf in your working directory. Open it with any pdf viewer (SumatraPDF, Adebe Reader, whatever).

If the bibliography section is not displayed in the poster, knitr poster.Rmd once more.

A lot of annoying files and folders produced? You can remove them by running (Caution! You won't find them in your recycle bin!):


Have fun!

Still being developed. Feel free to give your feedback to me!



  • 2017-05-16. Version 0.0.1. Two more themes.
  • 2017-05-15. Version 0.0.0. A very preliminary version.


Copyright 2017 Peng Zhao.

Released under the MIT license.