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steemr is an open source R package for playing with Steem data in the R environment. It can download, post process, analyze, and visualize Steem data on the basis of the powerful statistic power of R. Currently, the version 0.0.0 can:

  • obtain the complete post list for a given account,
  • obtain the complete account information from,
  • organized the 'follower' and 'following' information for a given account,
  • obtain the following history of a given account,
  • download the vote records of a given post, and
  • download the complete data of the latest 100 posts of a given account.

Quick start


# From CRAN
# Or from github repo

If the user would like to use the method = 'appbase_api', then the package 'pzhaonet/steemr2', forked from 'kharoof/steemR', must be installed.



obtain the complete account information

gid(id = 'dapeng', method = '')
gid(id = 'dapeng', method = 'appbase_api')

Get a name list of an ID's followers and following


Get an id's following history

gfollowing(id = 'dapeng')

Get an ID's complete post list with hyperlinks

gidposts(id = 'dapeng', method = '', post_number = 3)
gidposts(id = 'dapeng', method = 'appbase_api')

Get the complete info of a single given post on

mylinks <- c("cn/@dapeng/xuer-sale", "utopian-io/@dapeng/steemg-four-more")
tgpost <- gpost(postlink = mylinks[1], method = '')

Get the detailed information of given posts from

gposts(postlinks = mylinks, method = '')

Get an ID's posts with complete information

gidposts(id = 'dapeng', method = 'appbase_api')
gblog(id = 'dapeng')

Plot an active hour rose diagram from the time stamps of an ID's posts

posts <- post_id(id = 'dapeng', method = 'appbase_api')
phour(my_df = posts, col_time = 'datetime')

A post's vote report


Find which followers have not voted a post yet


Get the vote information of given IDs from SteemSQL

mysql <- ssql(uid = your_steemsql_id, pwd = your_steemsql_password)
gvoter(voters = c('dapeng', 'pzhao'),
       from = '2018-03-01', to = '2018-05-31',
       if_plot = TRUE, sql_con = mysql)

Summary of the voters of a series of posts

tavotep <- avotep(posts)

Get the accounts list and analysis within a period

gaccounts(sql_con = mysql, if_plot= T)

Get the comment list and analysis within a period

gcomments(id = 'dapeng', sql_con = mysql, if_plot= T)

Save an ID's posts as markdown files in the local path

bmd(post_df = posts)

Build a Hugo blog site from an ID's posts

bblog(author = 'dapeng', post_df = posts, initial = TRUE)

More functions are coming soon. Have fun!


  • 2018-09-07. New functions: sposts() and gur().
  • 2018-09-06. Image display on scner().
  • 2018-09-05. New functions: scner().
  • 2018-08-08. Wordclouds and Venn diagrams added to sfollow().
  • 2018-07-10. New functions: sfollow().
  • 2018-07-09. New functions: gspmv(), gdelegation(), gcner(), acnsub().
  • 2018-07-04. New functions: bmd(), bblog().
  • 2018-07-03. v0.0.8. Functions renamed. Codes re-organized. New functions for account info and comments info.
  • 2018-06-27. v0.0.7. Codes improvement. New functions for vote reports.
  • 2018-06-20. v0.0.6. Support AppBase API connection. hourrose() added.
  • 2018-06-19. On CRAN.
  • 2018-06-18. v0.0.5. Support SteemSQL and SteemData query. Documentation improved.
  • 2018-06-12. v0.0.1. A bug of the hyperlinks was fixed.
  • 2018-06-11. v0.0.0. A preliminary version.


Copyright 2018 Peng Zhao.

Released under the MIT license.