Examples for my talk on CSS transitions at ElmConf US 2017
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CSS Transitions in Elm

This is the repository containing the slide deck sources (with speaker notes) and sample code for a talk I gave at ElmConf US in St. Louis in September 2017.

The video for the talk has been posted! Thanks to @BrianHicks and @lukewestby for organizing this wonderful get-together, helping me hone the talk, and doing all the hard work that continued after the conference to get the talks online.

You can see all of the talks (as of October 5, 6 have been posted so far) on the elm-conf US 2017 YouTube playlist.

Alert and InfoBox Widgets

The src folder contains "shared view" code for three modules:

  • Alert module for animated alerts (or "flash" messages).

  • AlertWithSub module: a slight variant of the Alert module that uses the AnimationFrame.times Sub function to ensure that initial views are rendered for at least one animation frame cycle.

  • InfoBox module for animated blocks of text triggered by an icon click.

Demo Application

See the README.md file in the demo/ directory for an application that shows the client code for these modules, as well as a router transition UI that also uses CSS transitions.

To build the app:

cd demo
elm-make --output=TransitionsDemo/elm.js TransitionsDemo/Main.elm
cd ..

Then open the demo/index.html file in a browser.

ElmConf 2017 Presentation

Reveal.js presentation sources are in the slides/ directory. To build static presentation files into slides/dist/:

cd slides
grunt dist
cd ..

More information on the slide deck is in the README.md file in the slides/ directory.

Then hyperlinks from the slides to the demo application and back will work if you run a static web server in the project directory:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

And go to the first slide at http://localhost:8000/slides/dist/

And the demo application will be at http://localhost:8000/demo/

Other Animation Resources

These are all great resources if you want to explore fundamentals of animation in Elm:

And if you're interested in the "page transitions" example, here are some proposals from Chrome browser developers and the Angular community: