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Pz-OsCommerce version Installation Guide

Pz-OsCommerce Gateway version 1.0.0

1.) Extract zipped oscommerce paymentz plugin and copy paste "includes" folder in the root directory of your OsCommerce.

2.) Goto Modules=>Payment, on right hand side of cornner click on “Install Module”.

3.) Locate Pz_Zencart [MODULE_PAYMENT_PZ_ZENCART_DESCRIPTION] and click on it.

4.) Now, click on the “Install Module” button at the right cornner of the page.

5.) Click on the “Edit” button for configuration.

6.) Fill the details and click to save button.

7.) Now, go to your website [front office] to check the Pz_Zencart Method on checkout page

8.) At final step you will see the Payment method as “Pz_Zencart [Pay securely via pz_zencart]” click on it.

9.) Now, You will be redirected to Payment Gateway Server to make online transaction.