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Latest commit 9323acd Dec 31, 2016 @pztrn Rooms types, database, plugins and HTML rendering.
Made room types to work. Now command rooms are distinguished from
bridged rooms, which allows to limit commands usage only to
command rooms.

Database now store room types and IDs.

Added two plugins - help printer and dummy bridge configurator.
First will print help for all available plugins, second one
is just a dummy plugin for now. Later it will be able to configure

Added possibility to use markdown in messages. As example take a
look into bridge plugin.

**WARNING:** this commit doesn't made bridge ready to be used.
It will not connect to XMPP for now, until bridge plugin will be
finished and approriate changes will be made to XMPP connections

Matrix-XMPP Bridge

This project creates a bridge between a Matrix room and an XMPP MUC. It is currently very early in development.

Originally forked from it was heavily refactored and adopted for Python 3. Missing functionality was added (like be a bidirectional, users aliases in XMPP and Matrix, etc).

WARNING: this bridge isn't a "bot like" one, it REQUIRES that you have a possibility to add AS registration file to synapse's configuration file! It is still possible to bridge XMPP MUC on other's homeserver room. Just join it and use Room ID from settings!


  • python3
  • sleekxmpp
  • requests
  • flask
  • flask-classy

... or just pip install -r requirements.txt :)


Make sure you have Python 3 installed. I recommend PyENV for managing python versions and do not rely on system one. This guide will assume that you're installed Python 3 with PyENV.

After that clone this repo, go to source's root directory and execute:

pyenv local ${VERSION}

Where ${VERSION} is a Python version you installed previously.

After setting local python's version install dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

This could take some time.

After all don't forget to update submodules:

git submodule init && git submodule update


  • Add an AS and HS token to registration.yaml and reference it in your homeserver config as described here
  • Edit mxbridge.conf.example with user and room details for the Matrix/XMPP rooms you would like to bridge and save as mxbridge.conf in bot's source directory
  • Start

Custom configuration file

There is a possibility to specify configuration file name while launching bridge. It is useful to run several independent instances using one code base. Just pass configuration file name after "", like this:

./ my_custom_mxbridge.conf


Due to some (temporary) things, it is better to set rc_messages_per_second to 5, otherwise bridge could eat messages when it detects new XMPP user to map to Matrix.