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Greenhouse Watchman

Using the SparkCore (a wifi-enabled Arduino for $30) and a DHT-22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor ($6), I am able to get readings from my greenhouse on temperture and humidity. Currently I'm just pinging the API for the information to show on a plain ol' HTML page, but plans are for:

  • Storing the data
  • Charting the data
  • Enabling others to reuse this project

When it's powered on, you can currently see the temperature in my greenhouse here

Update 2014-06-21

  • Added MongoDB for persistence
  • Added Sidekiq for background jobs
  • Added Clockwork for scheduling the background jobs

How to run

  • git clone this repository
  • Make sure you have MongoDB and Redis on your machine: brew install mongodb && brew install redis
  • Run bundle install to install the required gems
  • Start the server with rackup or bundle exec unicorn
  • Start Sidekiq in another terminal window with bundle exec sidekiq -r ./application.rb
  • Start Clockwork in another terminal window with clockwork application.rb
  • There is a rake task to monitor the Sidekiq jobs, you can start it in another terminal window with rake monitor

How to deploy to Heroku

  • git clone this repository
  • Create an account on
  • Install the Heroku CLI (
  • Create a new app from the same folder as this app using heroku apps:create your-app-name
  • Run git push heroku master to deploy the app
  • Install Redis on Heroku using: heroku addons:add redistogo
  • Install MongoDB on Heroku using: heroku addons:add mongohq
  • Make sure the Procfile has the correct settings if you've made any modifications to the app
  • Set your environment variables on Heroku:
    • heroku config:set REDIS_PROVIDER=REDISTOGO_URL
    • heroku config:set ACCESS_TOKEN=yourSparkAccessToken
    • heroku config:set DEVICE_ID=yourSparkDeviceID
  • Make sure any changes to the production database setup that you need are made in config/mongoid.yml
  • Scale up for redis and clockwork using: heroku scale web=1 worker=1 clock=1
  • If you've done everything above, and scaled with the above command, the estimated monthly cost with Heroku is $70.50. That's a little insane for this small project, so Heroku may not be a viable option.


Small app to track temps and humidity from a Spark Core



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