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CleanStrap Theme Question2Answer Question2Answer Themes


CleanStrap is a free and open-source Responsive Question2Answer Theme with many advanced features such as Drag & Drop widget Builder with 16 new widgets and lots of new sections to hold them. also it comes with many options to let you change nearly any aspect of your theme and completely customize your site.

Theme Demo - Theme's Features


  1. Download CleanStrap and extract "cleanstrap" directory.
  2. upload it to your Q2A site's theme directory (e.g. qa-themes/cleanstrap).
  3. In Q2A log in as administrator and go to Admin > General and set up the default theme to "CleanStrap" and save changes.

to set Theme Options, click on your profile picture and in it's sub-menu click on "Theme Options". to set widgets using new Drag & Drop widget builder, click on your profile picture and in sub-menu click on "Theme Widgets".


This free theme is created by Towhid Nategheian, from and team. we create professional Question2Answer Themes and plugins. checkout our free Question2Answer Themes and Plugins.


This theme and all it's source code is published under [MIT License]. you are free to use or change it in any way you like, just don't remove the attribution.

About Question2Answer

Question2Answer is a free and open source PHP and MySQL based platform for creating Question & Answer sites. For more information visit Q2A's official site at