This plugin adds a widget to Question2Answer to add Popular & Recent Questions tabs to sidebar.
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This plugin adds a widget to Question2Answer to add Popular & Recent tabs to sidebar.


  • you can set number of questions in each tab
  • you can add HTML content(for advertisement, etc...) after a certain number of questions in list
  • you can choose to enable Thumbnail picture which will read first image from the question's content
  • you can add or choose a custom CSS files to the plug-in


  1. Download and extract the files to your plugins folder (e.g. qa-plugins/q2a-tab-widget).
  2. In Q2A go to Admin > Plugins and set up the setting for "tabs widget" and save changes.
  3. In Q2A go to Admin > Layout add it's widget anywhere you want.


to customize widget's styling go to plugins directory then "styles" directory. then create a copy from the "default.css" file and rename it to anything you want. then visit plugins options and choose it in "CSS Styles" field. you can edit this file to make it more compatible with your theme. you can also copy content of "default.css" to your main style and set the plugin to not include this style in the page.


This plugin is compatible with Q2A 1.7 & 1.6 and should work on older versions of Question2Answer platform too.


this plug-in is created by Towhid Nategheian, from we create professional Question2Answer Themes and plugins. checkout our free Question2Answer Themes and Plugins.


This is a free plugin which is published without any guaranties. if you had any issues or problems please use Question2Answer community site to get help or start a topic in our Q2A plugin support forum.


this plugin and all it's source code is Copylefted.

About q2A

Question2Answer is a free and open source platform for creating web based Question & Answer community sites. For more information about this platfomr visit it's official site at