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Q2A Ultimate SEO plugin

Question2Answer Ultimate SEO plugin is a free & open source Q2A addon to boost Question2Answer SEO. It enhances Question2Answer pages, URLs, and sitemaps for search engines and offers valuable customization features.


  • Update title of specific pages.
  • Clean URL, customize tag and category item urls.
  • Optimize in-site backlinks by changing they relationship to "Dofollow".
  • Change links relations to specific external sites "Dofollow" so that it can improve their SEO.
  • Improve Search Engine crawl rate and site's performance by enabling nested sitemaps.
  • Control site accessibility to search engines.
  • Hide small pages from search engines.
  • Add auto generated meta tags(title and description), and meta tag editor.
  • Add social network meta tag generator and editor.
  • Customize tag links by adding link title and icon, as well as description in tag's page.
  • Customize category links and page


  1. Download or clone plugin directory.
  2. Upload it to your Q2A installation's plugin directory. It should be located at qa-plugins/Q2A-Ultimate-SEO.
  3. In Q2A, go to Admin > Ultimate SEO and choose options, then save the form.


This free plugin is created by Tohid Nategheian.

About Q2A

Question2Answer  is a free and open source platform for creating Question & Answer sites.


This plugin and all its source code is published under MIT License. You are free to use it in any way you like, just don't remove the attribution link.


This product is a free and is published without any warranties. If you see any problems, you can get help on Question2Answer Community or submit the issue on GitHub.