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Q2A User Event Logger Question2Answer Question2Answer Themes


Q2A User Event Logger Plugin, logs each event that can be important to a user and includes effected user and other important information about event.

this plugin is ideal for creating User Activity Notification and Message notification with Q2A themes or other plugins.

Important Disclaimer

This plugin is in alpha version. it has not yet been tested by other developers and Q2A community.


  1. Download project and extract "q2a-user-event-logger" directory.
  2. Upload it to your Q2A's plugin directory (qa-plugins/q2a-user-event-logger).
  3. In Q2A go to Admin > plugins and enable the Event Logger.

Removing plugin

  1. Remove plugin directory.
  2. Remove ^userlog table from database(^ stands for your Q2A's table prefix).

this plugin only works ^userlog table which is created by itself and does NOT change any other table in your database.


This plugin is compatible with Q2A 1.7 & 1.6 and should work on older versions too.


This free plugin is developed by Towhid, from we create free & open source Question2Answer Themes and Addons and provide high quality development and design services.


this plugin and all it's source code is Copylefted.


This product is a free and is published without any warranties. if you come to pass any problems get help on please submit the issue on this github page or ask for help in our Q2A Support Section or Q2A's official Q&A site.

About Q2A

Question2Answer is a free and open source PHP and MySQL based platform for creating Question&Answer websites. For more information visit Q2A's official site at