this little script separates WordPress & Question2Answer integration(de-integrates them)
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Q2A WordPress Separator Question2Answer Question2Answer Themes


This script breaks Q2A-WP integration by creating Q2A's User related database tables which were not created because of integration and importing all WP users to Q2A tables.

Important Disclaimer

This script comes with no warranties. we accept no responsibility for any damage on downtime you might have on your site.

if you are not a developer I suggest that you hire one to make this separation.

in any case make sure that you have a full backup of your site before implementing any changes.


  1. upload separator's directory inside Q2A's root directory (so you probably will have or or
  2. visit Separator's directory in your web browser.
  3. Click Start It! button.
  4. if you didn't get any errors, then in your Q2A directory open qa-config.php and remove this line: define('QA_WORDPRESS_INTEGRATE_PATH', 'PATH TO WORDPRESS DIRECTORY');
  5. Visit your Q2A site & click on Repair Database button.


This free script is developed by Towhid Nategheian, a freelance web developer and designer. you can check my Q2A themes and plugins on


this plugin and all it's source code is Copylefted


if you are not a Q2A developer, you can hire us or any other professional developer to apply this separation. otherwise of you had any problems you can use Q2A's official Q&A site or start a topic on our Q2A Support Forum.

if you are a developer and you want to participate in this project feel free to submit an issue on github or fork the project.

About Question2Answer

Question2Answer is a free and open source platform for creating Question&Answer communities.