adds titles and icons to tags and descriptions in tag pages. this plugin is essential for Q2A's SEO.
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this Question2Answer plugin allows adding HTML Description to Tag pages, and Title and icons to tag links. this plugin was originally developed by Gideon Greenspan in plugin development tutorial. I just added a few cool features:

New Features

  • adding Title to tags(it will use title field instead of description field in tag's title attribute)
  • adding Icon to tags(icon image will show up inside tag links, it's size can be set in admin options page)
  • it supports HTML in tag description(can be disabled in plugin option page), so you can add images, links, ... in each tag's page
  • it applies same rules in 'tags' page in Q2A
  • css class "qa-tag-description" was added to tag's description container for easy styling


  1. Download and extract the files to your plugins folder (e.g. qa-plugins/q2a-tag-description).
  2. In Q2A go to Admin > Plugins and set up the setting for "Q2A Tag Descriptions" and save changes.
  3. In Q2A go to Admin > Layout add it's widget anywhere you want.
  4. Open any of your tags and click edit description in the position you choose in last step, then add content and save it.


This plugin is tested with Question2Answer 1.7 & 1.6 and should work with most older versions too.


Originally created by Gideon Greenspan.

Improvements and new features by Towhid Nategheian from Q&A Themes. you can check my Q2A projects here:


this plugin worked fine for me and many community members. if any problems occur get help by sending an issue on Github or use our Free plugin Support on our site!


this plugin and all it's source code is Copylefted.

About Question2Answer

Question2Answer(Q2A) is a free and open source platform for creating Question & Answer community websites. to learn more about Question2Answer read Q2A Features.