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A modern theme for your q2a forum
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# Free q2a Theme: Diligent

# Description

	Super fast and performant theme, clear tidy design, responsive, makes your site pretty and your users happy.
	Bundle includes premium plugins: Liveticker, User Info, Quick Login, Cool tooltips. 

# Features

    - super fast and performant (260 KB load in 0.8 seconds)
    - How-To startpage for first time visitors
    - Responsive Design, looks great on Tablets and Smartphones
    - ask box and social share box included
    - 4 Premium Plugins in bundle included
    - clear tidy design: make your site looking great and your users happy

# Installation

    - Download the plugin.
    - Make a full backup of your q2a database before installing the theme.
    - Extract the folder q2apro-Elegant from the ZIP file.
    - Move the folder q2apro-Elegant to the qa-theme folder of your Q2A installation.
    - Use your FTP-Client to upload the folder q2apro-Elegant into the qa-theme folder of your server.
    - Navigate to your site, go to Admin -> General and choose "q2apro-Elegant" for "Site theme" and "Theme for mobiles".
    - Congratulations, your new theme has been installed!
    - Optional: You can change the custom language strings of the theme in file qa-theme.php.
# Disclaimer

	This code has been tested thoroughly in many q2a forums. However, please make a full MySQL backup of your data before installing the theme in production environments. There could be, for instance, another plugin that interferes with the theme. We cannot accept any claim for compensation if data is lost.

# Copyright

All code herein is OpenSource GPL3. Feel free to build upon it and share with the world.
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