Quake II for Oculus Rift
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Quake II VR

This is a Quake II engine mod to add full support for Virtual Reality HMD's such as the Oculus Rift.

This mod is based on KMQuake II and incorporates work from RiftQuake.


  • Projected HUD/2D UI elements
  • Decoupled view and aiming
  • Full configuration of VR settings through menus
  • Native support for the Oculus Rift using libOVR 0.2.5
  • Xbox 360 / Xinput compatible gamepad support


  • Full version of Quake II or the demo version below
  • Windows XP or higher
  • Oculus Rift
  • Pretty much any video card that supports DirectX 9 or higher
  • 32bit MSVC 2012 runtime

####Downloads Note: I've made several changes to both names of and what files get bundled with the executable and in the extras package for this release. If you run into any issues while upgrading, I suggest a clean install and copying saved games.

######Unstable Packages w/ DK2 support (v1.9.3):

  • Playable Quake II demo package w/ VR support (54MB): Download 1 (Currently Offline)
  • Quake II VR Binaries package (35MB): Download 1 (Currently Offline)
  • Quake II VR Binaries w/ HD Textures, Soundtrack + Multiplayer Mods (562MB): Download 1 (Currently Offline) Download 2
  • v1.9.3 Nightly w/ libovr-0.4.4: Download 2

######Stable Packages (v1.3.1):


#####Shareware Version

  1. Download the shareware package and unzip it to your preferred directory.
  2. Optionally download the high resolution texture package and unzip it to the same folder.
  3. Run quake2vr.

#####Full Version Instructions

  1. Download binary package and unzip it to your preferred directory.
  2. Optionally download the extra's package and unzip it to the same folder.
  3. Copy the following files from your Quake II baseq2 folder into the new baseq2 folder:
    • pak0.pak (overwrite it if you downloaded the shareware version)
    • players\ (optional - only if you want to play multiplayer. overwrite it if you downloaded the shareware version)
    • videos\ (optional - only if you want cinematics)
  4. If you have the CD audio soundtrack in .ogg format you can optionally place these files in baseq2\music\. Music files need to be named track02.ogg to track11.ogg.
  5. Run quake2vr or choose one of the links provided in the extras pack.

You can alternately just copy the contents of the extracted Quake2VR directory on top of an existing Quake II installation, however there is always the risk that this breaks the original installation.

If your Oculus Rift is connected and powered on it will enable support automatically at launch, but you can also enable Rift support by accessing the console using ~ and entering vr_enable. When it initializes it will attempt to locate the display that the Rift is configured as and use it, but if that fails it will default to the primary monitor.

#####Aim mode warnings Aim modes that allow the mouse to adjust the view pitch are currently broken in multiplayer. These are denoted with an * in the VR settings menu, and are aim modes 2 and 4 if you set them through the cvar's.

#####Modifications and Add-On's As this is based on KMQuake II, it supports any modification or add-on that is compatible with KMQuake II. The extra's package includes both high resolution model and world textures, and and I highly recommend turning on some of the advanced video options. That said, if you want a relatively pure experience the defaults settings will come pretty close to it.

####More Info


Quake II VR uses the following third-party libraries:

Quake II VR uses modified versions of the following third-party libraries:

  • Peter Scott's C Port of Murmur3, with fixes for MSVC/C89 compatibility
  • nf_string_table from nflibs, with fixes for MSVC/C89 compatibility

Thanks go out to:

  • id Software, for releasing such an awesome game 16 years ago and then being generous enough to release the source code to the community.
  • OculusVR, for bring VR back and making this project possible.
  • Knightmare for KMQuake II. The general cleanliness of the code base and significant graphical upgrades responsible for this turning out as well as it did.
  • Dominic Szablewski and John Marshall for their work on RiftQuake. It served as the basis for this project, and in some places their code remains.
  • Jim Waurzyniak for taking the time and effort to host a collection of high-resolution assets for Quake II.
  • Jared Stafford for getting Linux support up and running
  • Daniel Wolf for various bugfixes and code cleanup.