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Linsn RV901T HUB75 LED "Receiver Card" Reverse Engineering
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RV901T LED "Receiver Card"

This repository contains bits and pieces about the Linsn RV901T HUB75 LED driver card, also known as a "Receiver Card". Its stock function is to receive and forward framebuffer data using a proprietary protocol (from a "Sender Card") and blit out control signals to LED panels (via shields, like a HUB75 shield).

As it contains a user-reprogrammable Spartan 6 FPGA (LX16, 14k 'logic cells', 9112 LUTs) and 2x GbE, it has potential to be usable as a general purpose FPGA development board, an interface card for various purposes, or a logic analyzer.

Chubby75 is a project to reverse engineer, document and provide tools based on this card.


There is hardware documention available, which includes WIP information about mapping from the FPGA balls / IO into various peripherals on board and connectors.

You can buy these boards from eBay, Aliexpress, Taobao. As of today (2019/01/26), these boards are around €18 (including S&H) on Aliexpress.


  • Hardware RE:
    • Clocking
    • LED and Button
    • PHY0
    • PHY1 - partially
    • J600
    • J601
    • JP5 - SPI flash connector?
    • JP4
    • JP2
    • U100 - SDRAM
  • Migen integration:
    • Platform Defintion (
  • LiteX integration
    • Sample project (
  • LiteEth integration:
    • Sample project (


Thanks to Niklas Fauth and Jan Henrik for donating two boards and partially tracing out the PHYs, and delayering the PCB.

Thanks to carrotIndustries for assisting with the preliminary RE process at Glühweinprogrammiernacht 2018.

Thanks to enjoy-digital for reverse engineering the RGMII interface, implementing an S6 RGMII PHY interface, and the sample target files.

Thanks to jeanthom for reverse engineering the SDRAM interface.

Thanks for informatic for reverse engineering the HUB75B hat.


CC0 - to the extent possible under law, the person who associated CC0 with this work has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

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