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- Adding additional support files for level designers

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q3shafe committed Apr 2, 2019
1 parent c3f7481 commit bbde9642497bc0cb1f42ad6e2e660b340236d5a1
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i updated many files for trep-radiant. the ones in the link you provided are of no use to me. it caused way to many development issues, so i had to re-write several files to get it to work right.

im not sure what you mean by "map tools". i have neither changed tools nor added new ones. the only thing i changed was the working directory. using the Mapping folder was causing to many problems, so i had to redirect radiant to work out of the base folder. once i corrected this, all of the development issues went away.
here are (maybe) all of the files for radiant that i changed.
this one goes in TREP.GAME folder:
this one goes in GAMES folder:
this one goes in GtkRadiant_1.4 folder:
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