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Hi guys,

I've been searching and haven't found the way to add a drop shadow to the arrow we have on the tooltip. How can we do that?

This is my JS code

$('.fsp-tooltip').each(function() {
    content: {
      text: $(this).next('.fsp-tooltip-wrapper')
    position: {
      my: 'bottom center',
      at: 'top center',
      adjust: {
        y: -10,
      viewport: $(window)
    style: {
      classes: 'qtip-rounded qtip-light myCustomClass',
      tip: {
        border: 1,
        width: 12,
        height: 6,

This is my CSS code

  @include box-shadow(rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4) 2px 1px 3px);

The box shadow I have only is applied to the tooltip "box".


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