IE and Firefox scripting erroring freezing page #793

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I have a single page application, grid applicaiton that has cells that when you hover over it shows a qtip. Works totally fine in Chrome, no issues at all.

However in IE and Firefox the page will freeze every once in a while. I can't pinpoint the problem of the hang but I can give you the call stack from Firebug.

jquery.qtip.js (PROTOTYPE._assignEvents = function() {)

if(/mouse(out|leave)/i.test(options.hide.event) && options.hide.leave === 'window') {
        **this._bind(documentTarget, ['mouseout', 'blur'], function(event) {**
            if(!/select|option/.test( && !event.relatedTarget) {

jquery.qtip.js (z.hide) = function(event) { return this.toggle(TRUE, event); };

jquery.qtip.js (z.toggle)

**contentOptions = this.options.content,**

The issue happens in jquery.min.js though, //

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