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The full calendar integration is not working properly. The tooltip is not being positioned correctly when the calendar event is clicked.

Even the demo in fiddle is not working correctly. http://jsfiddle.net/qTip2/N78hs/

Any idea how to do a quick fix for this?


I had the same issue, I change the target value on position from 'mouse' to 'event' and now at least it show where it should. here is the code from the demo, I changed a few values, but is basically the same:

// Setup Tooltip
var tooltip = $('<div/>').qtip({
            id: 'calendar',
            prerender: true,
            content: {
                text: ' ',
                title: {
                    button: true,
                    text : ' ',
            position: {
                my: 'bottom center',
                at: 'top center',
                 target: 'event', //here is the change
                viewport: $('#calendar'),
                adjust: {
                    mouse: false,
                    scroll: false
            show: false,
            hide: false,
            style: {
                classes: 'qtip-bootstrap qtip-shadow'
Dmitrev commented Nov 24, 2016

@loopingGIT Thanks a lot, you just saved me alot of time!

For future reference i updated the original JSBin:

Hopefully this will be helpful to others

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