NPM naming and Webpack compatibility. #802

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mattLummus commented Aug 17, 2016 edited

This is less of a code issue than a documentation concern.

After struggling to get npm/qTip2 to bundle with webpack, and coming across this issue #755, I noticed that there was both qTip2 and qtip2 packages in npm. I was using the first as the letter-case matches that of this repo, which fails when trying to bundle, while qtip2 (lowercase) builds with no problem.

In the info for these packages
qTip2: "2.1.1 is the latest of 3 releases" and the repo points here via a redirect from
qtip2: "3.0.3 is the latest of 6 releases" and the repo points here directly

This was a frustrating gotcha as the package that matches the repo naming is less maintained and less compatible with modern build tools and there was nothing I found in documentation on github or npm acknowledging the difference between the two. Is there a reason that their versions were not kept in sync? I understand the use in both names but shouldn't they at least have parallel compatibility?

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