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This has only been tested on Windows, but it probably works on other systems.

Use dmlivewiki help for help.


  • dmlivewiki generate --tour "<tour name>" <directory>
    • Generates an information file (.txt) of each album in a given directory. The information file will contain the name of the tour that has been given.
  • dmlivewiki checksum <directory>
    • Performs a checksum of each album in the given directory, placing a .ffp and .md5 in each album.
  • dmlivewiki verify <directory>
    • Verifies the contents of files listed in the .md5 file.
  • dmlivewiki wiki <directory>
    • Generates a .wiki file of each album in a given directory. The information in the wiki file is derived from the data in the corresponding "information file".
    • The filename is dervied from the "Album" field, which is also available in the "information file".
    • For batch mode, it creates a folder called __wikifiles in the tour folder, and places .wiki files there instead of inside each album.
  • dmlivewiki find <directory>
    • Looks through each information file in a given directory, and reports the absence of defined notes.

Directory structure

- tour
    - __wikifiles (generated by `wiki` to collect all wikifiles in one folder for batch mode)
        - (see below)
    - album (functionality for CDs forgotten...)
        - CD1
        - CD2
    - album (represented by `albumFolderName` here)
        albumFolderName.txt (generated by `generate`)
        albumFolderName.ffp (generated by `checksum`)
        albumFolderName.md5 (generated by `checksum`) (generated by `wiki`, single mode only)
    - ..album
- ..tour


This only requires metaflac to be on the system. You can obtain this from, but the binary (distributed under the GPL) is distributed in the release zip.

  • On Debian/Ubuntu/whatever you can use apt install flac to get metaflac.
  • On macOS use brew install flac