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The Discord and IRC bridge with puppets! An IRC user is created for each Discord user, messages from IRC seamlessly appear on Discord, and Discord mentions are automagically converted to and from IRC.



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Is this being maintained? Yes. But I want to merge all this functionality into the much superior matterbridge by 42wim.

This is IRC to Discord bridge was originally built for @compsoc-edinburgh and ImaginaryNet, but now it looks like more people are using it!

  • The IRC -> Discord side of things work as you would expect it to: messages on IRC send to Discord as the bot user, as per usual.
  • The Discord -> IRC side of things is a little different. On connect, this bot will join the server with the ~d, and spawn additional connections for each online person in the Discord.
  • Supports bidirectional PMs. (Not user friendly, but it works.)


(not a full list)

  • Every Discord user in your server will join your channel. Messages come from those "puppets", not from a single chat bridge user.
  • Saying the puppet username will @ that person on Discord.
  • When a Discord user's presence is "offline" or "idle", their irc puppet will have their AWAY status set.
  • A Discord user offline for will disconnect from IRC after 24 hours (or whatever cooldown_duration you set).
  • Join/Quit/Part/Kick messages are sent to Discord (configurable!)
  • Replying to someone on Discord will prefix that someone's name, e.g. replying to Alex with "yes that's fine" will show up as <you> Alex: yes, that's fine on IRC.
  • IRC users can send (custom!) emoji to Discord, just do :somename:. Discord emoji shows up like that on IRC.
  • Reacting to a Discord message will send a CTCP ACTION (/me) on IRC.


Things to keep in mind in terms of functionality:

  • This does not work with private Discord channels properly (all discord users are added to the channel)

It's built with configuration in mind, but may need a little bit of tweaking for it to work for you:

  • Hardcoded: Hostnames are hardcoded to follow the IPv6 IPs listed here.
  • Defaults aren't usable: You should set the suffix and separator config options. The default options require custom modifications to the IRC server.
  • Server config: This uses WEBIRC to give Discord users on IRC a distinct hostname. See here.


The binary takes three flags:

  • --config filename.yaml: to pass along a configuration file containing things like passwords and channel options
  • --simple: to only spawn one connection (the listener will send across messages from Discord) instead of a connection per online Discord user
  • --debug: provide this flag to print extra debug info. Setting this flag to false (or not providing this flag) will take the value from the config file instead
  • --insecure: used to skip TLS verification (false = use value from settings)
  • --no-tls: turns off TLS

The config file is a yaml formatted file with the following fields:

name requires restart default optional description
avatar_url No${USERNAME} Yes The URL for the API to use to tell Discord what Avatar to use for a User when the user's avatar cannot be found at Discord already.
discord_token Yes No The bot user token
discord_message_filter No Yes Filters messages from Discord to IRC when they match.
irc_message_filter No Yes Filters messages from IRC to Discord when they match.
irc_server Yes No IRC server address
irc_server_name Yes No Used as a reference when PMing from Discord to IRC. Try to use short, simple one-word names like freenode or swift
channel_mappings No No a dict with irc channel as key (prefixed with #) and Discord channel ID as value
guild_id No No the Discord guild (server) id
irc_pass Yes Yes password for connecting to the IRC server
suffix No ~d Yes appended to each Discord user's nickname when they are connected to IRC. If set to _d2, if the name will be bob_d2
separator No _ Yes used in fallback situations. If set to -, the fallback name will be like bob-7247_d2 (where 7247 is the discord user's discriminator, and _d2 is the suffix)
irc_listener_name Yes ~d The name of the irc listener
ignored_discord_ids Sometimes Yes A list of Discord IDs to not relay to IRC
allowed_discord_ids Sometimes null Yes A list of Discord IDs to relay to IRC. null allows all Discord users to be relayed to IRC. Hot reload: IDs added to the list require a presence change to take effect.
puppet_username No username of discord account being puppeted Yes username to connect to irc with
webirc_pass No Yes optional, but recommended for regular (non-simple) usage. this must be obtained by the IRC sysops
irc_listener_prejoin_commands Yes Yes list of commands for the listener IRC connection to execute (right before joining channels)
irc_puppet_prejoin_commands Yes Yes list of commands for each Puppet IRC connection to execute (right before joining channels)
debug Yes false Yes debug mode
insecure, Yes false Yes TLS will skip verification (but still uses TLS)
no_tls, Yes false Yes turns off TLS
cooldown_duration No 86400 (24 hours) Yes time in seconds for a discord user to be offline before it's puppet disconnects from irc
show_joinquit No false yes displays JOIN, PART, QUIT, KICK on discord
max_nick_length No 30 yes Maximum allowed nick length
ignored_irc_hostmasks No Yes A list of IRC users identified by hostmask to not relay to Discord, uses matching syntax as in glob
connection_limit Yes 0 Yes How many connections to IRC (including our listener) to spawn (limit of 0 or less means unlimited)

The filename.yaml file is continuously read from and many changes will automatically update on the bridge. This means you can add or remove channels without restarting the bot.

An example configuration file can be seen in config.yml. Those marked as requires restart definitely require restart, but others may not currently be configured to automatically update.

This bot needs permissions to manage webhooks as it creates webhooks on the go.<YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE>&scope=bot&permissions=0x20000000

NEW IN 2020

Make sure you also give the bot application these intents too:

NEW IN 2022

Make sure you give the message content intent too:


First edit config.yml file to your needs. Then launch docker build -t go-discord-irc . in the repository root folder. And then docker run -d go-discord-irc to run the bot in background.


A Makefile is provided to make getting started easier.

To build a binary run make build this will produce a binary of go-discord-irc in the root dir.

To build and run the binary run make run, this will use the config.yaml and start in debug.

To Execute tests run make test

Dependencies will be updated and installed with all the above commands or by running make dev


The Discord and IRC bridge with puppets! An IRC user is created for each Discord user, messages from IRC seamlessly appear on Discord, and Discord mentions are automagically converted to and from IRC.