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@@ -1,79 +0,0 @@
-game-send = net-send the game engine wants to output the command cmd
-net-packet handler list = game: parseclk, parsesay
-game-droppiece = gui-droppiece display a new piece on the board
-gui-canclick = game-canclick check if the cursor should show an allowed move, and if a click is allowed
-gui-localclick = game-localclick send a new click event to the server (not displayed at first)
-game-gameover = gui-gameover somebody won, so display a message
-gui-restart = game-restart clear the board and the turn order. this can happen at any time
-game-myturn = gui-myturn
-UI elements:
-spinner during initial connection/lag
-most recent click is darker
-cursor is lighter
-pieces animate into place, slide+bounce, handled by gui, make sure its fast so it still feels like winmine
-play a game with michael
-win detection: "you win" or "you lose", shift-delete to clear the board
-if a person detects they lose, they announce it as well as the color they follow, like removing an element from a linked list
-ctrl-z undo
-shift-delete clear board
-game states:
- picking order
- playing
- gameover
- droppiece(x,y,c,isfloater)
- if firstcolor = null
- this is the first click of the game. record the color to know when the order is set.
- firstcolor = color
- end
- else
- if color = firstcolor
- the order picking is over. there should be at least 2 people in the order but we don't care here
- state = PLAYING
- end
- that's a new person in the order. we need to check here if that was us, in which case we follow the previousperson.
- if color = mycolor
- i-follow = last-color
- end
- end
- state PLAYING
- if color = mycolor and isfloater
- i-used-floater = true
- end
- check for win condition
- state GAMEOVER
- this won't happen, ignore it
- last-color = color
-end parse-click
- state PLAYING
- if last-color != i-follow
- return false
- end
- if needs-floater(x,y) and i-used-floater
- return false
- end
- return true
- state SETORDER
- if i-follow is set
- return false
- end
- return true
- state GAMEOVER
- return false
-end canclick
- droppiece x y
-end local click
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