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Internet independent, decentralised ad-hoc wireless communication application (ONLY A MIRROR FOR
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.gradle/5.6.4 code dump May 24, 2020
alexandria alexandria: adding some path probing utilities May 27, 2020
android-support android-support: mostly fiddling May 30, 2020
async-notify async-notify: removing duplicate notify method Apr 30, 2020
clients client/android: adding more functions to the native bridge May 30, 2020
clockctrl async-std: pin version to the 1.5.x versions for now May 23, 2020
docs Documentation and lockfile update May 29, 2020
legacy_doc Moving legacy docs to a new folder May 14, 2019
libqaul libqaul/ffi: properly initialising arraylist for users list return May 30, 2020
licenses Fixed licenses structure in contributors guide Mar 28, 2020
netmod-mem async-std: pin version to the 1.5.x versions for now May 23, 2020
netmod-tcp android-support: mostly fiddling May 30, 2020
netmod-udp conjoiner: removing dependency from netmods and identity crate May 29, 2020
netmod-wd conjoiner: removing dependency from netmods and identity crate May 29, 2020
permute Resolve visn PR comments and improve documentation Aug 8, 2019
ratman conjoiner: removing dependency from netmods and identity crate May 29, 2020
service-sim Re-organize and document service-sim tests Oct 5, 2019
tests tests: updating test setup May 27, 2020
visn Add sample multi-order test for service_sim Aug 30, 2019
webgui web: actually show messages May 29, 2020
.envrc Cleaning old codebase Mar 2, 2020
.gitignore added builded documentation to .gitignore Aug 4, 2019
.gitlab-ci.yml Webgui: fix broken tests, use current Ember LTS image Apr 23, 2020
.mailmap Proposing license addition and introducing mailmap Jan 11, 2020
.rustfmt.toml meta: add .rustfmt.toml with edition config Dec 22, 2019 changed project maintainer email address Jan 3, 2018
Cargo.lock android-support: mostly fiddling May 30, 2020
Cargo.toml services/voice: build new call state system May 25, 2020
LICENSE Changing license from GPL-3.0 to AGPL-3.0 Aug 7, 2019 libqaul-http: adding inital hook for webui loading Feb 27, 2020
file.txt web: adapt new api for register, login, users May 26, 2020
shell.nix tests: updating test setup May 27, 2020 pipeline status is an Internet independent ad-hoc wireless mesh-network suite that harnesses the power of everyday devices such as computers and smartphones to create a Non-Centralized, Mesh Network on which users can share files, have voice chats and send each other messages, however the power of allows endless services over the service API. removes the dependence on the centralized services such as the Internet and cellular networks and creates a network that anyone can be part of and share freely with no censorship what so ever.

Development status

The project is currently being re-written for a more modular and portable approach. The new Release will be 2.0. Please check our milestones & issues to get an idea of the development plan and status. If you want to get involved, see how to participate and read the contributors-guide.

For the latest stable release, check the release-1.0.0 branch.

Build Instructions

The project has many libraries and clients, for different platforms. Check the "clients" directory for instructions on how to build them. Because some platforms require some bootstrapping you may have to build different parts in sequence: we don't currently have an overarching build system for this.

To build the rust libraries for most platforms, simply run cargo build --release (for release mode). To build android, check the in that client. The web UI is built with emberJS and con be found here.

To build the web stack on Linux, you can build the ember UI with ember dist, then move the output to libqaul/http/ui, so that they can be included in the web server, which will then serve them via clients/linux-http-test or clients/android.

The repo has a shell.nix if you want to use nix to get dependencies, however this doesn't actually build the project.


Documentation is available on

License is free and open source software licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 or later.

Additional Permissions: For Submission to the Apple App Store: Provided that you are otherwise in compliance with the AGPLv3 for each covered work you convey (including without limitation making the Corresponding Source available in compliance with Section 6 of the AGPLv3), the developers also grant you the additional permission to convey through the Apple App Store non-source executable versions of the Program as incorporated into each applicable covered work as Executable Versions only under the Mozilla Public License version 2.0.

A copy of both the AGPL-3.0 and MPL-2.0 license texts are included in this repository, along other external licenses for third-party code, and can be found in the licenses directory.

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