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qaul.net is an ad-hoc wireless mesh-network suite that harnesses the power of everyday devices such as computers and smartphones to create a Democratic, Non-Centralized, Mesh Network on which users can share files, have voice chats and send each other messages, however the power of qaul.net allows an endless feature set as anyone can run any LAN-based application over the network. qaul.net removes the dependence on the centralized services such as the Internet and cellular networks and creates a network that anyone can be part of and share freely with no censorship what so ever.

qaul.net has the following features:

  • File sharing (both private and public)
  • Voice calling
  • Text messaging (both private and public)
  • Sharing your Internet connection (via a given interface) to the whole mesh
  • Custom network settings (to setup your own personal mesh)
  • Viewing of the whole mesh as a diagram
  • Ability to run olsr (the mesh routing procotol) on any interface (wifi, ethernet)
  • And because this is a mesh-network you can run any service you want on your node and it will be available on the network (Web server, Mail server, SSH server, FTP server etc.)

Build Instructions

There are specific instructions for each system qaul.net has been tested on in the documentation folder. Feel free to add new ports!

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qaul.net is free open source software licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.

To see all external code's licenses used in this project please visit the License directory.