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MySQL Benchmark Tool

MySQL Benchmark Tool is a lightweight commandline tool for repeatedly executing SQL-Statements from a previously written MySQL-Log.


You can find precompiled jars in the bin folder:

What it does and how to use it

There's a blog post with more detailed explanation at:

Here's a small abstract:

This article describes a simple java tool for recording and replaying MySQL queries while measuring their execution times. The replay mechanism makes the measurements comparable across different environments.

Why do we need another benchmarking tool? What's so special about this one?

  • It's capable of reading and replaying MySQL's 'general query logs', not 'slow query logs' and not tcpdumps. Percona Playback in version 0.3 doesn't supports 'general query logs'.
  • It's measuring execution times of all queries and aggregating identical executions. pt-query-digest supports general query log, but only without measuring execution times.
  • It's written in pure Java, making it the most realistic way of running queries against the server if you're developing a Java application.
  • It's small and easy to use, not a full blown full featured benchmarking suite.
  • It does not offer advanced filtering methods, just restriction to connection ids and prefix matchings.
  • Measurements can be exported in either CSV for easy Excel import or in JETM-Style.


Usage: MySQL Benckmark Tool [options]
       The database name. eg.: -db test_db
       Default: test_db
       The result can be in default JETM style or CSV. JETM is default.
       Default: JETM
    -help, -h
       Execute mysql query benchmark based on mysql logs
       Default: false
       Only execute queries from the log with this connection id. This parameter
       is optional.
       Ignore statements which start with these prefixes, case insensitive.
       Enter a comma separated list of prefixes.
       Default: []
       Location of the logfile which contains the mysql queries to execute
       Default: benchmarking-queries.sql
       Location of the output file to write the results to
       Default: results.txt
  * -p
       mysql password
       The connection string to the mysql server (without database name). eg.:
       -c jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/
       Default: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/
  * -u
       mysql username
    -verbose, -v
       Print all results to console
       Default: false