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Package Description
async Utility library that provides asynchronous control flow.
bcrypt-nodejs Library for hashing and salting user passwords.
connect-redis Redis session store for Express.
express Node.js web framework.
body-parser Express 4.0 middleware.
cookie-parser Express 4.0 middleware.
express-session Express 4.0 middleware.
morgan Express 4.0 middleware.
compression Express 4.0 middleware.
errorhandler Express 4.0 middleware.
method-override Express 4.0 middleware.
express-flash Provides flash messages for Express.
express-validator Easy form validation for Express.
github-api GitHub API library.
handlebars Template engine for Express.
lusca CSRF middleware.
mongoose MongoDB ODM.
nodemailer Node.js library for sending emails.
passport Simple and elegant authentication library for node.js
passport-github Sign-in with GitHub plugin.
passport-google-oauth Sign-in with Google plugin.
passport-twitter Sign-in with Twitter plugin.
passport-local Sign-in with Username and Password plugin.
passport-oauth Allows you to set up your own OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0 strategies.
lodash Handy JavaScript utlities library.
uglify-js Dependency for connect-assets library to minify JS.
validator Used in conjunction with express-validator in controllers/api.js.
markdown Converting Markdown to HTML
multer For handling image uploads.
bookshelf SQL ORM
knex SQL Query builder (bookshelf dependency)
mysql mysql node.js api (bookshelf dependency)
unidecode for cleaning up slug variables
when promises library
mocha Test framework.
chai BDD/TDD assertion library.
supertest HTTP assertion library.
jshint JavaScript linting
gulp build tool
simple-prompt commandline prompts
gulp-image-resize gulp dependency
gulp-imagemin gulp dependency
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