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QA Wolf - Ship confidently

Set up browser tests in minutes to find bugs before your users do

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πŸš€ Start Testing | πŸ“– Documentation

🐺 What is QA Wolf?

QA Wolf helps you create, run, and maintain end-to-end tests 10x faster.

We found browser testing too difficult and often gave up on it entirely in our previous jobs. We built QA Wolf for developers like us who want to spend less time testing and more time shipping πŸš€

Learn more here

πŸ™‹ Get help

We want QA Wolf to work well for you, so please reach out for help! Please email us at

πŸ’» Contribute

We welcome contributions big and small.

Not sure how to started? Schedule a free, no-pressure pairing session with us here.

πŸ™ Acknowledgments

QA Wolf is built with many awesome open source tools. We'd like to thank those who contributed to all of them, in particular Microsoft's Playwright library.

We'd also like to thank everyone who has provided us with invaluable feedback. 🐺