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🐺Create browser tests 10x faster
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QA Wolf

Create browser tests 10x faster

QA Wolf is a free and open source library to create Puppeteer/Jest browser tests and run them in CI

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🚀 Quick Start | 📖 API | 🧐 FAQ | 👋 Chat | 🗺️ Roadmap

QA Wolf is an open source node library for creating browser tests 10x faster:

  • Skip writing boilerplate. Your browser actions are converted to Puppeteer and Jest code.
  • Built for stability. Avoid flaky tests with automatic waiting and smart element selectors.
  • Test complex scenarios. Test your application like a user. Use third party sites, multiple windows, and hot keys.
  • Easy CI setup. Run your tests in CI in parallel with one command, on push or on a schedule.
  • Easy debugging. Each test run in CI includes a video, GIF, interactive DOM recording, and detailed logs.

We're working to build a world where browser testing is effortless. We hope you'll join us!

Table of Contents

🖥️ Install QA Wolf

Install QA Wolf as a dev dependency with npm:

cd /my/awesome/project
npm install --save-dev qawolf

QA Wolf is tested against the maintenance LTS versions of Node, v10 and v12.

Create a browser test


Create a Puppeteer and Jest test:

npx qawolf create <url> [name]

Create a test

Run your test:

npx qawolf test [name]

☁️ Set up CI


Set up CI to run and record your tests in parallel. Watch the video, gif, and dom artifacts from your CI runs.


npx qawolf azure


npx qawolf circleci


npx qawolf github

🦊 GitLab

npx qawolf gitlab

🤵 Jenkins

npx qawolf jenkins

Set up CI

Ping us if you want to run QA Wolf somewhere else.

🙋 Get Help

👋 Chat | 📬 E-mail

We want QA Wolf to work for you, so please reach out to get help!

📝 License

QA Wolf is licensed under BSD-3-Clause.

🙏 Acknowledgements

The DOM Recording artifact is using @Yuyz0112's awesome rrweb library!

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