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QA Wolf - Ship confidently

We take testing off your plate. We build complete coverage in 4 months and keep you there. You get unlimited, parallel test runs on our infrastructure, and we guarantee zero flakes. It’s like magic but it’s QA Wolf.


🐺 What is QA Wolf?

At QA Wolf, we’re building the magical QA experience that we wanted when we were managing engineering teams. With zero effort on your part, we get you to 80% automated test coverage in 4 months — and keep you there.

  • We plan. You’ll get a test matrix covering every user flow in your web app, from happy path to edge case and everything in between.
  • We automate. Using vanilla, open source Microsoft Playwright so that there’s no vendor lock-in — you own every test.
  • We run. Every test in full parallel, on our own infrastructure, as many times as you want — no extra charge.
  • We triage. When tests fail, we have full-time human QA engineers review the tests. We clear out all the noise of flaky tests and give you clear, human-verified bug reports.
  • We maintain. Flaky and broken tests are fixed automatically, 24-hours a day.
  • We integrate. Into your CI/CD, your issue tracker, your messaging app — we’ll feel like part of your team.

It’s truly everything you could possibly want from automated testing. And it’s half the cost of an in-house QA engineer.

🕹️ Schedule a demo

Let’s talk about your testing needs and how QA Wolf can help you stop bugs from reaching production without waiting hours or days for QA. Find a time that works for you.

💻 Work with us

Keep any eye out for new job openings here.

🙏 Acknowledgments

We use several open source tools and want to thank everyone who contributes to those great projects, particularly Microsoft's Playwright library.