Docker based Wargame Platform - To practice your CTF skills
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Docker based Wargame Platform - To practice your CTF skills

Relevant links: Github | NSYSU Wargame

##Table of contents


Sometimes you may confront services looping forever, and this link might helps you. Besides, if you wanna re-add the host, just delete the files in /var/lib/rancher/state.

Before using docker in Docker-War, will change group of the docker.sock from docker(998) to app(9999) in order to let app user call docker in this image.

$ sudo chgrp 9999 /run/docker.sock


  • Covering Unit Test and Integration Test.
  • CI with drone and dapper
  • Ability to change challenges on-the-fly.
  • Move term.js to xterm.js.
  • (Optional) Instant notifications built with WebSocket.
  • (Optional) Change to SPA.
  • (Optional) Use BTRFS or ZFS filesystem to storage images.
  • (Optional) Importing the concept of Continuous Deployment.



Known issues

  1. Change challenges on-the-fly is still unstable.
  2. Some problems on setting up sqlchop proxy server.


This project use SATA License (Star And Thank Author License), so you have to star this project before using. Read the license carefully.