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FlyPlus: 14-Channel Firmware for FlySky i6

This is an alternative firmware for FlySky i6 transmitters. See below for the list of features added (including the 14 channels support, of course!) and hardware mods supported.

Main Screen


The firmware is a modification of original FlySky firmware inspired and based on work of @ThomHpl and Dave Borthwick, With use of repository created by @benb0jangles and input from @povlhp. Currently supported and maintained by @qba667 with great input and improvements from @Yenya.

Including input from rcgroups users from the following thread:


The Turnigy TGY-CAT01 support could be implemented by by courtesy of inode_ - thanks for providing of the sensor and huge amount of measurement and analysis made by cookieqk.

In case if you want to support the project and reward me the time I spent on the FW please click this affiliate link when shopping at Banggood - It is free for you, but I will get reward from Banggood:

The project is Free Software and is made available free of charge. Your donation, which is purely optional. If you like the software, you can also consider a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated!



Hardware Mods Supported

How to Install this Firmware

Setup Examples

(not specific to the FlyPlus firmware)


  • GfxEditor
  • Python scripts

For Developers