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#include <tarray.h>
#include "s_sound.h"
#include "textures/textures.h"
struct FStrifeDialogueReply;
class FTexture;
struct FBrokenLines;
struct PClass;
struct FStrifeDialogueItemCheck
const PClass *Item;
int Amount;
// FStrifeDialogueNode holds text an NPC says to the player
struct FStrifeDialogueNode
~FStrifeDialogueNode ();
const PClass *DropType;
TArray<FStrifeDialogueItemCheck> ItemCheck;
int ThisNodeNum; // location of this node in StrifeDialogues
int ItemCheckNode; // index into StrifeDialogues
const PClass *SpeakerType;
char *SpeakerName;
FSoundID SpeakerVoice;
FTextureID Backdrop;
char *Dialogue;
FStrifeDialogueReply *Children;
// FStrifeDialogueReply holds responses the player can give to the NPC
struct FStrifeDialogueReply
~FStrifeDialogueReply ();
FStrifeDialogueReply *Next;
const PClass *GiveType;
int ActionSpecial;
int Args[5];
TArray<FStrifeDialogueItemCheck> ItemCheck;
char *Reply;
char *QuickYes;
int NextNode; // index into StrifeDialogues
int LogNumber;
char *LogString;
char *QuickNo;
bool NeedsGold;
extern TArray<FStrifeDialogueNode *> StrifeDialogues;
struct MapData;
void SetStrifeType(int convid, const PClass *Class);
void SetConversation(int convid, const PClass *Class, int dlgindex);
const PClass *GetStrifeType (int typenum);
int GetConversation(int conv_id);
int GetConversation(FName classname);
bool LoadScriptFile (const char *name, bool include, int type = 0);
void P_LoadStrifeConversations (MapData *map, const char *mapname);
void P_FreeStrifeConversations ();
void P_StartConversation (AActor *npc, AActor *pc, bool facetalker, bool saveangle);
void P_ResumeConversation ();
void P_ConversationCommand (int netcode, int player, BYTE **stream);
class FileReader;
bool P_ParseUSDF(int lumpnum, FileReader *lump, int lumplen);
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