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#ifndef SOFT_FAKE3D_H
#define SOFT_FAKE3D_H
#include "p_3dfloors.h"
// special types
struct HeightLevel
fixed_t height;
struct HeightLevel *prev;
struct HeightLevel *next;
struct HeightStack
HeightLevel *height_top;
HeightLevel *height_cur;
int height_max;
struct ClipStack
short floorclip[MAXWIDTH];
short ceilingclip[MAXWIDTH];
F3DFloor *ffloor;
ClipStack *next;
// external varialbes
// fake3D flags:
// BSP stage:
FAKE3D_FAKEFLOOR = 1, // fake floor, mark seg as FAKE
FAKE3D_FAKECEILING = 2, // fake ceiling, mark seg as FAKE
FAKE3D_FAKEBACK = 4, // R_AddLine with fake backsector, mark seg as FAKE
FAKE3D_CLIPBOTFRONT = 8, // use front sector clipping info (bottom)
FAKE3D_CLIPTOPFRONT = 16, // use front sector clipping info (top)
// sorting stage:
FAKE3D_CLIPBOTTOM = 1, // clip bottom
FAKE3D_CLIPTOP = 2, // clip top
FAKE3D_REFRESHCLIP = 4, // refresh clip info
FAKE3D_DOWN2UP = 8, // rendering from down to up (floors)
extern int fake3D;
extern F3DFloor *fakeFloor;
extern fixed_t fakeHeight;
extern fixed_t fakeAlpha;
extern int fakeActive;
extern fixed_t sclipBottom;
extern fixed_t sclipTop;
extern HeightLevel *height_top;
extern HeightLevel *height_cur;
extern int CurrentMirror;
extern int CurrentSkybox;
EXTERN_CVAR(Int, r_3dfloors);
// functions
void R_3D_DeleteHeights();
void R_3D_AddHeight(secplane_t *add, sector_t *sec);
void R_3D_NewClip();
void R_3D_ResetClip();
void R_3D_EnterSkybox();
void R_3D_LeaveSkybox();
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