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#ifndef __R_SWRENDERER_H
#define __R_SWRENDERER_H
#include "r_renderer.h"
struct FSoftwareRenderer : public FRenderer
// Can be overridden so that the colormaps for sector color/fade won't be built.
virtual bool UsesColormap() const;
// precache one texture
virtual void PrecacheTexture(FTexture *tex, int cache);
// render 3D view
virtual void RenderView(player_t *player);
// Remap voxel palette
virtual void RemapVoxels();
// renders view to a savegame picture
virtual void WriteSavePic (player_t *player, FILE *file, int width, int height);
// draws player sprites with hardware acceleration (only useful for software rendering)
virtual void DrawRemainingPlayerSprites();
virtual int GetMaxViewPitch(bool down);
void OnModeSet ();
void ErrorCleanup ();
void ClearBuffer(int color);
void Init();
void SetWindow (int windowSize, int fullWidth, int fullHeight, int stHeight, int trueratio);
void SetupFrame(player_t *player);
void CopyStackedViewParameters();
void RenderTextureView (FCanvasTexture *tex, AActor *viewpoint, int fov);
sector_t *FakeFlat(sector_t *sec, sector_t *tempsec, int *floorlightlevel, int *ceilinglightlevel, bool back);
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