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Releases: qbism/super8

qbism Super8 v288

19 Nov 07:36
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New in build 288
Individual water, slime, and lava transparency like other modern engines. Console variables: r_wateralpha, r_slimealpha, r_lavaalpha

More video modes available. In the video menu, modes are listed in descending resolution, with high-res modes first. The menu is still limited to 40 modes shown, however, actual available is increased to 200. To see other modes type vid_describemodes in the console. Set vid_mode manually in the console to set a mode that doesn't fit in the menu.

Minor adjustment to screen offset calculation- show more of the view model.

This zip brings back optional pak88.pak, with custom palettes and improved/fixed models by various authors.

qbism Super8 v282

06 Jun 05:38
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Changes in this release: FIXES!
Fix EF_ROTATE in demos (rotating pickup items)
Fix nolerp list
Fix crosshair location in menu
Set nativeaspect for all modes (including windowed modes now)
Let lava be transparent? Heck yes.

qbism Super8 v278

02 Apr 21:57
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In this release:

More accurate color rendition.

r_saturation - cvar for map colored lighting intensity.

pixel doubling - for extra chunkiness (and render speed) automatically generate pixel-doubled option for compatible video modes. These resolutions are listed with an 'S' in the video mode menu.

Resolution support up to 4K, but not fully tested.

cl_beams_quakepositionhack - cvar to turn off automatic centering of lighting bolts. For mods that want an off-center bolt effect.

Improved overlapping transparencies - It will usually be possible to see translucent water through a translucent window, for example.

automatic unvised map detection (slightly glitchy) - if water was created opaque (like classic Quake maps) transparency is turned off. BUT to 'fake it', toggle r_novis and sv_novis cvars to 1.

r_novis - make water and similar textures transparent on old 'unvised' maps.

sv_novis - don't cull any items serverside. Normally the server culls most items that are hidden behind walls.

Fixed dedicated server (I hope).

Add tab-completion to loadpalette and r_palette.

Cheats always allowed in single-player mode.

qbism Super8 v238

20 Sep 04:10
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This should correct pixel aspect and view model issues for those using the classic status bar background.

qbism Super8 v236

26 Jul 16:23
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Fix r_part_stickytime by calculating decay time based on this value.

Fix sv_cullentities (only tested in SP so far). Well, it wasn't actually calling SV_InvisibleToClient. Also updated to a more recent qrack implementation.