@qbism qbism released this Apr 2, 2016 · 9 commits to master since this release

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In this release:

More accurate color rendition.

r_saturation - cvar for map colored lighting intensity.

pixel doubling - for extra chunkiness (and render speed) automatically generate pixel-doubled option for compatible video modes. These resolutions are listed with an 'S' in the video mode menu.

Resolution support up to 4K, but not fully tested.

cl_beams_quakepositionhack - cvar to turn off automatic centering of lighting bolts. For mods that want an off-center bolt effect.

Improved overlapping transparencies - It will usually be possible to see translucent water through a translucent window, for example.

automatic unvised map detection (slightly glitchy) - if water was created opaque (like classic Quake maps) transparency is turned off. BUT to 'fake it', toggle r_novis and sv_novis cvars to 1.

r_novis - make water and similar textures transparent on old 'unvised' maps.

sv_novis - don't cull any items serverside. Normally the server culls most items that are hidden behind walls.

Fixed dedicated server (I hope).

Add tab-completion to loadpalette and r_palette.

Cheats always allowed in single-player mode.