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Minecraft script for OpenBSD
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Minecraft script for OpenBSD

The Plan

  1. On initial run, prompt user for location to download Minecraft.jar
  2. Create a .rc file with jar location and startup options.
  3. After initial run parse .rc file to find Minecraft.jar and startup.
  4. Possibly generate the ~/minecraft/launcher_profiles.json after asking user for login name?

Just tested the optoin of writing a partial ~/minecraft/launcher_profiles.json file.. totally worked

So we can prompt the user for location of Minecraft.jar and their username and write a blurb like:

  "profiles": {
    "<username>": {
      "name": "<username>",
      "javaDir": "/usr/local/bin/minecraft"

And Minecraft.jar will pick it up and run with it.. then the end user doesn't have to do a dance with LWJGL

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