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XMPP time tracking bot
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Timmy - a time tracking XMPP bot

Timmy supports categories and projects. Categories are general purpose containers like 'Meeting' or 'Development'. Projects are generally things like a project name ( 'Timmy' for example ).

Timmy inserts a start time when it receives the command ( you must have previously added and with the "add project" or "add category" commands ):

"start <category> <project>"
  • Author: Aaron Bieber


* Not published yet!
npm install timmy

Command Line Options

-h, --help                Shows this help
-j, --jid JID             XMPP jid
-p, --password PASSWORD   XMPP Password
-s, --host HOST           XMPP Server
-d, --debug DEBUG         Debug Messages ( 1-3, 3 being most verbose )
-n, --port PORT           XMPP Port ( default 522

Using Timmy

Adding a Category:

xmpp> add category Development
(07:55:42) Time Tracker: category "Development" added.  

Adding a Project:

xmpp> add project Timmy
(07:55:46) Time Tracker: project "Timmy" added. 

Listing Projects:

xmpp> list projects
xmpp> ls proj

Listing Categories:

xmpp> list categories
xmpp> ls cat

List Projects and Categories:

xmpp> list all

Starting and Ending tracking:

xmpp> start <categoryid> <projectid>
xmpp> end <categoryid> <projectid>
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