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qBittorrent - A BitTorrent client in C++ / Qt
1) Install these dependencies:
- Boost >= 1.71
- libtorrent-rasterbar 1.2.19 - 1.2.x || 2.0.9 - 2.0.x
* By Arvid Norberg,
* Be careful: another library (the one used by rTorrent) uses a similar name
- OpenSSL >= 1.1.1
- Qt 5.15.2 - 5.x || 6.2.0 - 6.x
- zlib >= 1.2.11
- pkg-config *
* Compile-time only on *nix systems
- Python >= 3.7.0
* Optional, run-time only
* Used by the bundled search engine
Dependency version numbers are bumped every once in a while to keep the range of properly tested configurations manageable, even if not strictly required to build.
You may be able to build with older versions of (some of) the dependencies other than the minimum versions specified in the build scripts, but support for such builds is not provided - you are on your own.
Please ensure you are building with an officially supported configuration when reporting bugs.
2a) Compile and install qBittorrent with Qt graphical interface
$ ./configure
$ make && make install
$ qbittorrent
will install and execute qBittorrent.
2b) Compile and install qBittorrent without Qt graphical interface
$ ./configure --disable-gui
$ make && make install
$ qbittorrent-nox
will install and execute qBittorrent.
Please note that there is a "Compilation" section at
sledgehammer999 <>