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sledgehammer999 committed Mar 17, 2019
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Unreleased - sledgehammer999 <> - v4.2.0
- FEATURE: Libtorrent 1.2.x series are supported now (glassez)
- FEATURE: Add OpenSSL version to GUI and stackdump (Chocobo1)
- FEATURE: Use PBKDF2 for the GUI lock. You will need to set again your password. (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Use PBKDF2 for the WebUI password. You will need to set again your password. (Chocobo1)
- FEATURE: Use PBKDF2 for the GUI lock. You will need to set your password again. (Chocobo1)
- FEATURE: Rename "#" column to "Tier" in the tracker list (thalieht)
- FEATURE: Allow setting larger checking memory usage in GUI (airium)
- FEATURE: Converted remaining icons to svg (Bert Verhelst)
- BUGFIX: Avoid performance penalty when logger is full (Chocobo1)
- BUGFIX: Remove the max half-open connections option (thalieht)
- BUGFIX: Center align the section labels in advanced settings (thalieht)
- BUGFIX: Add documentation links to some advanced settings (thalieht)
- BUGFIX: Impove DownloadManager code (glassez)
- BUGFIX: Limit DownloadHandler max redirection to 20 (Chocobo1)
- BUGFIX: Log DownloadManager SSL errors (Chocobo1)
- BUGFIX: Force recheck multiple torrents one by one (glassez)
- BUGFIX: Close context menu when content model is reset (glassez)
- BUGFIX: Improve Properties widget (glassez)
- BUGFIX: Prevent flickering preview dialog (silver)
- WEBUI: Use PBKDF2 for the WebUI password. You will need to set your password again. (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Use Javascript strict mode (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Remove autocorrect/autocapitalise from filepaths on WebUI (AceLewis)
- WEBUI: Display warning when Javascript is disabled (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Remove mootools lib from login page (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Prevent login credential appearing in URL (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Load WebUI certificate & key from file path (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Add migration code for WebUI https related change (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Fix wrong element id being used (Thomas Piccirello)
- WEBUI: Fix direction of Web UI sorted column icon (Thomas Piccirello)
- WEBUI: Match WebUI About page to GUI (Thomas Piccirello)
- WEBUI: Simplify tab logic (Thomas Piccirello)
- WEBUI: Separate URL components before percent-decoding (glassez)
- WEBUI: Capitalize event name (Thomas Piccirello)
- WEBUI: Fix bug where input wouldn't always be focused (Thomas Piccirello)
- WEBUI: Add Web UI support for escape key (Thomas Piccirello)
- WEBUI: Fix broken image link (Tom Piccirello)
- WEBUI: Include application version in css/js url for cache busting (Thomas Piccirello)
- WEBUI: Update WebUI img to use svg images (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Fix speed limit icon too large on WebUI (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Fix misaligned icons in STATUS list in GUI (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Drop legacy WebAPI support (glassez)
- WEBUI: Allow WebUI Content tab to be sorted (Thomas Piccirello)
- WEBUI: Encode torrent name before passing in URL (Thomas Piccirello)
- WEBUI: Move WebUI Peers code to separate file (Thomas Piccirello)
- WEBUI: Prevent WebUI tables from being highlighted (Thomas Piccirello)
- WEBUI: Allow WebUI Trackers table to be manipulated (Thomas Piccirello)
- WEBUI: Fix only the first newline char is replaced (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Fix missing semicolon in WebUI (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Add autocomplete attribute to WebUI (Chocobo1)
- SEARCH: Add default tooltip "Searching..." on tab creation. (paolo-sz)
- SEARCH: Avoid crashes on torrent search (paolo-sz)
- WINDOWS: Drop support for < Windows 7
- WINDOWS: Allow headless builds on Windows (knackebrot)
- LINUX: Add content_rating, release tags to appdata (Peter Eszlari)
- LINUX: Update .appdata descriptions (Chocobo1)
- LINUX: Use reverse DNS convention for metadata files naming (Chocobo1)
- MACOS: Drop support for < macOS 10.10 (Yosemite)
- MACOS: Replace deprecated `qt_mac_set_dock_menu()` (Chocobo1)
- OTHER: Raise minimum C++ version to C++14 (Chocobo1)
- OTHER: Raise minimum Qt version to 5.9.0 (sledgehammer999)
- OTHER: Drop support of libtorrent < 1.1.10 (glassez)
- OTHER: Drop upgrade code from older saving systems (sledgehammer999)
- OTHER: Drop support for "BC Link" format (Chocobo1)
- OTHER: Update INSTALL dependencies (Chocobo1)
- OTHER: Optimize PNG images losslessly with zopflipng (Peter Dave Hello)
- OTHER: Optimize svg files using SVGO (sledgehammer999)
- OTHER: QMake: Compile translations at build time (glassez)
- OTHER: Lots of code refactorings, cleanups, improvements and optimizations (Chocobo1, glassez, thalieht)

* Sat May 05 2018 - sledgehammer999 <> - v4.1.0
- FEATURE: Add "Coalesce reads & writes" checkbox in advanced options (Chocobo1)

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