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Torrent client spamming Windows on the screen. #10382

YuryMikhailuts opened this Issue Mar 15, 2019 · 1 comment


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YuryMikhailuts commented Mar 15, 2019

Please provide the following information

qBittorrent version and Operating System

  • qBittorrent 4.0.3 (64).
  • OS: Linux
  • The result of executing "uname -a": "Linux Parallelipiped 4.15.0-46-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP Wed Feb 6 09:33:07 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux"

If on linux, libtorrent and Qt version

  • libtorrent:
Package: libtorrent-dev
Version: 0.13.6-2build1
Priority: extra
Section: universe/libdevel
Source: libtorrent
Origin: Ubuntu
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <>
Original-Maintainer: Jose Luis Rivas <>
Installed-Size: 418 kB
Depends: libsigc++-2.0-dev, libtorrent19 (= 0.13.6-2build1)
Download-Size: 51,7 kB
APT-Sources: bionic/universe amd64 Packages
Description: C++ BitTorrent library by Rakshasa (development files)
 LibTorrent is a BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix. It is
 designed to avoid redundant copying and storing of data that other
 clients and libraries suffer from.
 This package contains the files needed to compile and link programs
 which use LibTorrent.
  • qt4
Package: libqt4-dev
Version: 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1
Priority: optional
Section: universe/libdevel
Source: qt4-x11
Origin: Ubuntu
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <>
Original-Maintainer: Debian/Kubuntu Qt/KDE Maintainers <>
Installed-Size: 14,4 MB
Depends: libqt4-dbus (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqt4-declarative (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqt4-designer (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqt4-dev-bin (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqt4-help (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqt4-network (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqt4-qt3support (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqt4-script (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqt4-scripttools (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqt4-sql (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqt4-svg (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqt4-test (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqt4-xml (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqt4-xmlpatterns (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqtcore4 (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), libqtgui4 (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), qt4-linguist-tools (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), qt4-qmake (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1), qtchooser (>= 55-gc9562a1-1~)
Recommends: libqt4-opengl-dev (= 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7ubuntu1)
Suggests: firebird-dev, libmysqlclient-dev, libpq-dev, libsqlite0-dev, libsqlite3-dev, qt4-dev-tools, qt4-doc, unixodbc-dev
Supported: 3y
Download-Size: 853 kB
APT-Sources: bionic/universe amd64 Packages
Description: Qt 4 development files
  • qt5
Package: libqt5core5a
Version: 5.9.5+dfsg-0ubuntu2
Priority: optional
Section: libs
Source: qtbase-opensource-src
Origin: Ubuntu
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <>
Original-Maintainer: Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers <>
Installed-Size: 5 997 kB
Provides: qtbase-abi-5-9-5
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.17), libdouble-conversion1 (>= 2.0.0), libgcc1 (>= 1:3.4), libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.22.0), libicu60 (>= 60.1-1~), libstdc++6 (>= 5), zlib1g (>= 1:1.1.4)
Recommends: qttranslations5-l10n
Suggests: libthai0
Breaks: libqt5scintilla2-12v5 (<< 2.9.2+dfsg-2~)
Task: ubuntu-live, kubuntu-desktop, lubuntu-qt-core, lubuntu-qt-desktop, ubuntustudio-video, ubuntustudio-publishing, ubuntustudio-photography, ubuntustudio-graphics, ubuntustudio-audio, ubuntukylin-desktop, ubuntu-mate-core, ubuntu-mate-desktop, ubuntu-budgie-desktop
Supported: 5y
Download-Size: 2 037 kB
APT-Sources: bionic-proposed/main amd64 Packages
Description: Qt 5 core module

What is the problem

I / o errors occur periodically in the torrent client. They arise, apparently, for reasons beyond the control of the torrent client. Ah arise and God with them. BUT! Why would I want them the screen Spamming? I have several hundred torrents running. Every time an error occurs, I see 200 identical pop-UPS on the screen telling me about the same error. Don't do that. I'm perfectly capable of understanding the first time. Worst case scenario, two. But all 200 not need to.

What is the expected behavior

In the case where several errors occur simultaneously, they should be displayed in one window. Not hundreds of different Windows, but one. And it should have a "do not tell me more about this error" checkbox.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Run a very very lot of torrents.
  2. Do something that the torrent client will take as an error. For example, sharply turn off the Internet or hard drive.

Extra info(if any)



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sledgehammer999 commented Mar 17, 2019

You're using a too old version. IIRC this was fixed in v4.1.1

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