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"force recheck shows 98-99% after finishing download 100% #10457

solidmaple opened this Issue Apr 7, 2019 · 2 comments


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solidmaple commented Apr 7, 2019

[22:00] (solidmaple) why does qbt says it's 100% finished downloading, then after i do "force recheck" it says it's 99.8% finished
[22:00] (solidmaple) utorrent does this too
[22:14] (Switeck) There may be malware on your computer that's "silently" modifying files.
[22:14] (Switeck) ...especially if uTorrent has the same problem.
[22:15] (Switeck) Or your drives are about to die and have bad/sometimes-failing sectors.
[22:15] (solidmaple) lol that's not it
[22:15] (solidmaple) i am using ramdrive
[22:15] (Switeck) malware works fast :P
[22:15] (solidmaple) it's not malware
[22:16] (solidmaple) it's not malware nor failing drives
[22:17] (solidmaple) it's happening in my ramdrive
[22:17] (Switeck) A couple years back, I had a bad ram stick and my ramdrive wasn't reliable either.
[22:18] (Switeck) AV software that locks access to files for checking can interfere with BitTorrent software.
[22:19] (solidmaple) i don't use AV software
[22:19] (solidmaple) so that's not it either
[22:19] (solidmaple) this is obviously issue with torrent protocol
[22:22] (solidmaple) i am 99% sure that 100% is right and 99.8% after force recheck is wrong
[22:22] (solidmaple) but question is why
[22:22] (Switeck) Does there seem to be any pattern on where the BT clients claim the "broken bits" are?
[22:23] (solidmaple) all it has to do is check sha1
[22:25] (solidmaple) i just did "finished downloading 100%" first "force recheck" showed 99% and i restarted qbt then did second "force recheck" showed 100%
[22:25] (Switeck) It's possible with a marginal power supply or "dirty" power from the plug...that the computer could be perfect and still have problems.
[22:25] (solidmaple) third "force recheck" shows 99%
[22:25] (Switeck) Which piece/s sometimes show up as missing?
[22:26] (solidmaple) switeck how do i check
[22:26] (Switeck) On qBT, on General or Content tabs at bottom.
[22:27] (solidmaple) where does it say/show "which piece"
[22:29] (solidmaple) forth "force recheck" shows 99%
[22:29] (solidmaple) fifth "force recheck" shows 100%
[22:30] (solidmaple) sixth 'force recheck" 100%
[22:30] (Switeck) The heat map bar doesn't show which piece, only relative to the file/torrent.
[22:30] (Switeck) Logger might show piece errors -- the equivalent sometimes does in uTorrent.
[22:32] (solidmaple) there is no reason for a torrent client to have this bug
[22:34] (Switeck) If it happens with uTorrent too, it may not be just torrent clients having that problem.
[22:34] (solidmaple) switeck also this doesn't happen with torrent with 1/2 files
[22:34] (solidmaple) this always with torrent with like 20+ files
[22:38] (solidmaple) this doesn't happen with torrent with 1/2 files
[22:38] (Switeck) Like I mentioned -- I've done some really crazy testing, especially with ramdrives, and crap ramdrives are really rough on the cpu (moreso than the ram!)
[22:39] (solidmaple) if it was my faulty drive/malware ,it should be doing with torrent with 1/2 files
[22:39] (Switeck) single/2 file torrents have roughly 1/4th to 1/20th the I/O loads.
[22:40] (Switeck) ...of multi-file torrents of the same size.
[22:42] (solidmaple) i use ramdisk because it's superfast and it works perfectly
[22:43] (Switeck) My bad ram started getting random, tiny corruption...and slowly grew worse.
[22:43] (solidmaple) switeck i can't be the only one having this "random 99% error/bug"
[22:43] (Switeck) you're not
[22:43] (solidmaple) switeck and how do you know that?
[22:43] (Switeck) But I am certainly not having that problem, once I sorted my bad ram.
[22:44] (Switeck) qBitTorrent's issues at github.
[22:44] (solidmaple) switeck link?
[22:44] (Switeck)
[22:44] (Switeck) remembering seeing a link like that isn't the same as being able to find that link on quick demand :(
[22:44] (solidmaple) where is the "random 99% error/bug"
[22:45] (solidmaple) or should i do "new issue" and report it
[22:45] (Switeck) Do a quick search for something similar, a bunch of "new issue" posts get lost in the noise.
[22:46] (Switeck) #7850
[22:47] (Switeck) looks similar to me!
[22:48] (solidmaple) that's opposite
[22:48] (solidmaple) of my issue
[22:48] (solidmaple) it says 99% when it should say 100%
[22:48] (solidmaple) is my issue
[22:49] (solidmaple) 7850 issue is: It shouldn't say 100% when it's not really at 100%



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kilrau commented Apr 15, 2019

Same issue: #7850 (comment)


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thalieht commented Apr 15, 2019

Closing as duplicate
p.s. bad idea to attach a huge irc log as bug report.

@thalieht thalieht closed this Apr 15, 2019

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