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[Wishlist] Sorting order #1120

justasug opened this Issue · 2 comments

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justasug Kervius Alfredo Monclus

Would it be possible to change the sorting rules slightly?

When you sort the torrents in a descending order, the finished torrents remain on top of the list. Looks like this:

Is it possible to make the finished torrents move to the bottom (like in many other torrent clients) to make it look like this:


In eMule, that was accomplished by sorting by Prio - in qbt that indeed would be '#'. At the moment, sorting by '#' is useless, so adding the special sort there makes sense.

I would have preferred if qbt added a generic grouping/sorting functionality a la M$Outlook. To allow things like: group by size, group by state, group by add date, group by share ratio. One should be able to define per grouping a fixed number of groups (group properties: name, condition, sort order of the items in the group) and whether to show or hide the torrents which didn't match into any of the groups. One can start small and support only grouping by status initially.

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